The Luxury Swiss Heuer 7753SN-Inspired Fake TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox ‘Panda’ Watches UK (With A Steel Bracelet!)

What We Know

When TAG Heuer announce the Carrera Glassbox last year, one thing was clear: The Carrera line had been remade into a new format that we would see iterations into the future. The first such evolution post-W&W 2023 was the introduction of the revamped Skipper with its iconic color combination. Then at LVMH Watch Week this year, we saw the DATO – with its left-side date aperture – enter the mix with a new green dial. We had to know more was coming, and now we know what the more is by way of this all new “panda” dial perfect 2024 replica TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox watches.

On its face this is the same Carrera we know in this new configuration. Like its blue dial brother, we have the three register format that includes the borderless small-seconds display at six o’clock with the date integrated neatly within it. In terms of contrast and legibility, this new UK top fake watches takes a page out of last year’s black dial, reverse-panda iteration of the Carrera by drawing inspiration from the legendary Heuer 7753 SN. The SN in that reference number refers to silver and noir, or silver and black which are the primary design features on this one.

Pulling from that well-loved vintage cheap replica watches means we get the utmost legibility in a package we have come to appreciate for its ability to balance the vintage and the modern. So we have the same sloped internal tachymeter scale, only now it is done in a contrasting black that works off the silver dial but plays nicely in tandem with the black azuré sub-registers at three and nine o’clock. Adding to the contrast and legibility are red flourishes for the sub-hands and along the minute track that give this a very racetrack look and feel.

But that’s not all we get with this vintage inspired wonder. Look away from the dial and you’ll see a whole lot of metal by way of a steel bracelet representing the first time in the new Glassbox format that we get such a bracelet. It is fully brushed and gives this silver dial chrono a completely different look from its siblings in the collection. This AAA China copy watches is priced at CHF 6,500 and is available this month.

What We Think

Who doesn’t love a panda dial? And while any brand can make one, few have the legacy and archives to makes them in as significant a way as best TAG Heuer replica watches can. And the brand has never been shy on relying on its back catalog, but with the recent Skipper, and various Dato releases in the Glassbox format, I have paid special attention to the fact that the brand is no longer in the reissue business, but rather the inspiration business. That means, no more Heuer on the dial – these are TAG Heuers – and that means no more 1:1 re-releases but rather thoughtful contemporary takes on the brand’s deep heritage.

And so with that in mind, I am able to look at this new wholesale super clone TAG Heuer Carrera Glassbox watcheswith its grey and black color scheme and recognize that it succeeds on the merits of tis design absent any historical influence. It is modern in a way that speaks to the modern buyer and brings in timeless design elements that are timeless for a reason – they just look good.

I love the way the sloped tachymeter display is done in black because it drwas your eyes to the sub-registers at the center and the black elements make for an extremely readable and usable chronograph which, for a brand with racing heritage, should always be the point. The original 7753SN was a simple replica watches for men with a panda design that made it pop. This is more complex and yet somehow feels simple which is not an easy thing to do in watch design. What I am looking forward to most is putting this one on and seeing how the new bracelet feels as part of the package. Stay tuned for more coverage on this one from the show.

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