Two of the most intriguing missing replica Rolex and Omega watches UK

Buzz Aldrin’s Fake Omega Speedmaster

Next to Lennon’s Patek 2499, this is the other Big One. Perhaps the most famous, most historically important fake wristwatches online uk of the 20th century, lost.

Buzz Aldrin wore his Swiss replica Omega Speedmaster on the moon’s surface, making it the moon watch. This was in 1969, when Aldrin, along with Neil Armstrong became the first and second humans to set foot on the moon. Armstrong famously stepped foot on the lunar surface first, but he wasn’t wearing his luxury copy Omega Speedmaster. Aldrin was.

After Aldrin got back to Earth, he shipped his best quality replica Omega to the Smithsonian. But the watch never arrived — perhaps it fell off a truck, no one really knows. NASA even had Aldrin sign a piece of paper promising that he shipped the watch and didn’t keep it for himself.

Over the years, a few people have claimed to find Aldrin’s 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster, but none have been legitimate or verified. Swiss made super clone Omega supposedly knows the serial number of the watch, but they would never publicize it for fear of triggering a deluge of fakes.

The NASA Prototype Replica Rolex Watches

Before Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong headed to the moon, NASA sent an RFP to various watch companies, asking them to create a super clone watch uk for testing that could withstand nearly anything. What for? the RFP wasn’t really clear, as NASA wrote it ambiguously enough that the watch companies wouldn’t be privy to NASA’s new space program.

A few watch companies responded: Hamilton, Longines-Wittnauer, Swiss movement replica Rolex, and Omega. Of course, Omega eventually won the RFP, becoming the official watch for NASA and the space program eventually leading to the Speedmaster’s title of the “Moonwatch.”

But we don’t really know whatever happened to the AAA quality fake watches that were sent to NASA for testing. Omega sent in its standard Speedmaster for the time — what we might now call an “Ed White” Speedmaster — while Rolex sent in a perfect copy Rolex pre-Daytona chronograph, likely a reference 6238. Wouldn’t it be cool to find the replica Rolex or Omega watches NASA tested?

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