Introductions Of Eye-catching Fake Hublot Big Bang Watches Inspired By “Lipstick”

Marc Ferrero is a famous artist, whose master work is “Lipstick”. The outstanding Swiss watch brand, Hublot, once cooperated with Marc Ferrero, making advanced copy watches inspired by his “Lipstick”. This year, Hublot, together with the great artist designed new editions.

Limited Replica Hublot Big Bang Watches

Let’s enjoy the latest watches replica Hublot Big Bang-one is in white and the other one is in black. Both of these two special watches are in limited for 100 pieces. You can see typical red lip and lipstick pattern on the dial.

The 39 mm fake watches are decorated with diamonds.
Fake Hublot Big Bang Watches With Diamonds

These two perfect fake Hublot watches are in 39 mm. The white edition is made from polished stainless steel, while the black edition is made from polished black ceramic. Both of them are decorated with 42 bright cutting diamonds on the bezels.

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