It Was “Different” From Day To Night – These Amazing UK Replica Watches Recommend To You

Skull has always been a popular design element, especially from the costume, if with the skull that seems to be very different. This element has also been used boldly in watches, such as the Bell & Ross Skull watches, the Hublot Skull watches and so on. However, have you ever seen such wonderful skull?

When I first saw the skull watch, my first impression was the idea of the skulls in the children’s clothes I saw when I was shopping. Skull is no longer frightful, no longer cool, but lovely and lovely. Gorgeous color, lovely design, all make this skull watch very special, vigorous!

Of course, I understand that every famous design can never be so simple, even the use of each color has its profound meaning. So as the name, this fake skull watch comes from the young Scottish watch designer Fiona Kruger, Celebration Skull, inspired by Día de Muertos, which is related to the upbringing of the Fiona Kruger in Mexico.

And every color on the steel case replica Fiona Kruger Celebration Skull watch represents a special meaning in Día de Muertos. For example, yellow represents death, red represents life, and orange represents the sun. The standard replica “Celebration Skull” watch used the stainless steel case match with a yellow leather strap, and the picture above just shows the Black one.

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