UK New Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chronograph Fake Watches Launched In 2017 Basel World

The new Tudor models are represented by David Beckham and they have tough styles. The whole 41mm steel cases and bracelets are all satin brushed. There are white luminescent hour markers and hands on the black dial, offering a good readability. There are two sub-dials used for chronograph functions at 3 and 9 o’clock. Besides, a small date indicator is at 6. Their domed sapphire glasses can protect the delicate dials well.

The decent Tudor Heritage copy watches are driven by Cal. MT5813, self-winding mechanical movements with silicon hairsprings. The movements are certified by COSC and have precise performances. The power reserve is about 70 hours. Their fixed bezels are engraved with black tachymetric scales.

The new watches remind us of Rolex Explorer II fake watches with black dials. The whole watches are also made of steel and satin-brushed. Their hour markers and hands all have white luminescent designs. And their fixed bezels are also engraved with black Arabic numerals used for showing the 24-hour time.

Of course, there are many differences between these two timepieces. The focuses of their functions are different. Tudor replica watches with Swiss automatic movements are waterproof to 200m deep. Their functions are reliable and practical, suitable for men to wear in daily life. The brave and strong spirits are revealed by exquisite details and make the timepieces popular in the future.

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